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Siberiancats have been a part of our life since 2000, when our first siberian moved in.
Our goal is to breed healthy, strong siberians with great character and lines.

Our cats live with us and participate in our daily routines. Cats and kittens live like familymembers in our home, our kittens are very well socialized, used to other cats and dog. All our cats live together with us in our big house. We feed our cats only with quality cat food, lot of fresh fish, meat, chicken,  heart etc. We care much about our cat’s wellbeing and it’s very important for us that they are a part of the family. Our cats have lot of space, they have lot of activity.   They are very solid and of good quality, and cats loves them!  We have 11 cats in our home. Our cats have also 2 outdoor pens, about 42 M2 and 20M2 and they can go to outside when they want,  all over the year. We have big safe garden and we can take our cats to garden with us, free, but under supervision of course.  They love to run and play, and ofcourse hunting a mouses.

Healthy and character is most important to us as a breeders. We know what kind of siberians we want to breed. We are Fife members and we follow Fife rules and standard. We don't want to breed siberians who look like bad norwegian forestcats or housecats from countryside. We want strong cats, with beautiful semilong coat, with correct coat quality. We want siberiancats with softly round head shape, with medium long noce, medium big ears. We have breed many multible BIS winner siberiancats. First 6 JUNIOR WINNER siberiancats in Finland are from our cattery: Lumikissan KissinMinttu JW, OmppuPomppu JW, X-treme JW and YllinKyllin JW Alppitähti JW and Nopsajalka JW. All our cats are tested for HCM, FIV/FeLV,  blood group A. We have tested all our breeding cats, and also lot of new owners have been tested them cats. Our breeding cats are tested for colourpoint gene too, and we have carriers and non- carriers in our breeding program. We have also one beautiful neva girl, so maybe we will have also NEM kittens.

Please notice that:

  • We don't re-sale our cats after breeding career, and we won't sell our kittens to breeders who re-sale former breeding cats.

  • We don't sell kittens to breeders, who place our kittens in quarantine.

  • We don't sell kittens to breeders, who cage cats.

  • We ship worldwide, but not to everyone...
  • Lumikissan cats are currently living in the following countries: 
    Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil

Our kittens are ready to leave home:

  • When they are at least 12 weeks old.

  • Kittens are treated against worms 2 times.

  • They are getting 2 vaccinations.

  • Health check by the veterinarian.

  • They have a micro chip.

  • They have FIFé pedigree.

  • They will be sold with an International Transfer.  

  • Our breeding cats are as a minimum tested free of HCM, FIV/FeLV, have blood group A and parents are tested for Neva Masquerade gene.

  • For import minimum age is 16 weeks. (to sweden and norway between 12 weeks - 3 month)   They will be treated by Echinococcus and they have Rabies vaccination and EU pet passport. (if it's needed for entering the country).

Junior winner Nopsajalka - and  purrrfect SIB kitten head shape to our taste!

Photos from our home and cattery :)

Kitten room:

                                                                          Our home:



Our catrun, over 40M2, open 24/7 all over the year!

Our dog "Kerttu" Evergrey's Ziola DOB: 11.12.2014
Kerttu's page

Our beloved dog:
"Eve" Nadelwald Eve DOB: 11.9 2001 - 2014


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